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About Our Firm

At Shearer Law and Mediation, you can feel confident that you are receiving the competence and experience crucial to assisting you with your legal matter. Ms. Shearer is a Certified Family Law Specialist®, The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, and has been in practice since 1999. She is passionate about helping individuals and couples resolve their issues and reach agreements that are fair, balanced and cost-effective.

Ms. Shearer offers:

  • Experience — Attorney Lana M. Shearer has been practicing since 1999 in Sacramento County and the surrounding area. Prior to receiving her law degree, she worked as a legal assistant while attending law school.
  • Training — Ms. Shearer has participated in numerous comprehensive training programs in the areas of family law, mediation and collaborative law. She believes that continued education is essential to effectively and competently serve her clients, and she regularly attends professional development classes and seminars each year.
  • Empathy — Ms. Shearer combines professionalism with a deep empathy for her clients. She is keenly aware of the strong emotional undercurrents in divorce and custody disagreements and works with clients to reduce the emotional impact and the negative effects on the entire family.
  • Cost-efficiency — Ms. Shearer advocates the benefits of alternative methods of resolving disputes through mediation, collaborative law and working cooperatively with all parties to reach agreements. Although there are many benefits to resolving matters outside of court, one significant benefit is the considerable reduction of legal fees.

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Areas We Serve

Based in Elk Grove, California, Shearer Law and Mediation, APC serves clients virtually throughout California.