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Collaborative Law

Using Collaborative Practice To Have A Great Divorce

The Collaborative Law process consists of each party hiring their own attorney to represent his or her interests in the family law matter. The attorneys and parties all work together to identify issues, exchange information, and negotiate a fair and balanced settlement of the issues presented in their family law case. The attorneys and parties work together to achieve a settlement that is in the best interest of the entire family unit, in a confidential, respectful manner. It is very important that the attorneys chosen are skilled and trained in the Collaborative Practice model. The clients and the attorneys agree, in writing, that they will not go to court and they will work together to reach a settlement with the assistance of their attorneys. In the event that the negotiations fail, the attorney involved are prohibited from representing either party in Court.

The Collaborative Process is confidential and allows the parties to remain in control of the outcome. The process often employs the use of divorce coaches, financial neutrals and child specialists, when necessary, to assist and guide the parties through the process.

Benefits Of The Collaborative Practice Approach

Collaborative law has several advantages over traditional litigation. In a Collaborative Case, the parties are able to maintain confidentiality of their intimate family matters and have greater control over the process, rather than giving up control to the court system. In addition, collaborative practice encourages involves a number of different people working together toward the same goal: to achieve a reasonable and balanced settlement that meets the needs of all of the affected parties, including the children.

Some of the professionals that may be employed in a Collaborative Practice Case are:

Divorce coaches are marital and family therapists who have been specially trained in the collaborative process. These coaches will provide unique emotional support and assist the parties to negotiate in good faith and keep the process moving forward.

Financial advisers are experts who can assist with the required financial disclosures and help develop and evaluate different proposals for division of assets and debts. Financial advisors can help you plan for retirement or for your child's college education, understand the tax consequences of various settlement options, and more.

Child development specialists can provide valuable input on the best interests of the children considering the unique family dynamics presented. This is often very helpful for parents in deciding upon a parenting plan for their children.

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