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Other Legal Services

Other Legal Services

At the Shearer Law and Mediation, our office provides a variety of legal services that can assist you with your family law matter.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Document preparation
  • Consultation and advice regarding your case
  • Consulting/supporting attorney for individuals involved in the Mediation process
  • Consulting/supporting attorney for individuals involved in a litigated case
  • Review and analysis of Marital Settlement Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements prepared by another attorney/paralegal/self-represented party
  • Advice and preparation to individuals involved in the private Child Custody
    Recommending Counseling process or Family Court Services process.

What Are The Costs for Other Services?

Initial Consultation. The Initial Consultation is $200 for the first one-hour appointment. Any subsequent meetings are $395 per hour. During the Initial Consultation, we will review any documents you may have, discuss the issues presented in your case and the options available to you, and make recommendations for resolving the issues. A written summary will be provided following the Initial Consultation.

Areas We Serve

Based in Elk Grove, California, Shearer Law and Mediation, APC serves clients virtually throughout California.