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Under California law, a person may Petition the Probate Court to be appointed as a Guardian of a minor's person or estate, or both. A Guardianship may be appropriate in cases where a parent is unable or unwilling to provide care for the minor for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: drug or alcohol dependence, incarceration, mental incapacity, or upon the death of both parents. Our office will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and care and will advise you regarding your rights, responsibilities and obligations as a proposed Guardian. We can assist you with the filing of all of the necessary paperwork and appear with you at the Hearings in your Guardianship action. In addition, we can discuss whether any other options may be available under California law to achieve your goals on a case by case basis.

Please call our office for a consultation if you are considering filing a Guardianship Petition.

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