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Finding Common Ground Through Mediation

Utilizing the Court System to resolve family law issues through adversarial litigation is a recipe for making a difficult situation even more difficult.

At Shearer Law and Mediation, we advocate Mediation as an excellent alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation enables the parties to negotiate settlements of the issues presented in a confidential manner and focus on what is best for the family for the longer term. Mediation is also a much more cost-effective way to resolve your issues than traditional litigation. Mediation is an entirely voluntary process, and requires the mutual consent of both parties to participate.

Our law firm can guide you carefully through the Mediation process. We tailor our services to your personal situation, offering a wide variety of mediation packages that are dependent on the nature and extent of the issues to be decided upon and the personalities of the parties.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Most divorcing couples require between two and 10 sessions, depending upon the number of areas of disagreement. The more areas of agreement reached prior to involving a third party, the less sessions would be required to resolve the remaining issues. For example, if you and your spouse already know how you want to divide property, and only have a few issues that must be resolved, fewer sessions should be necessary.

To arrange a free 30-minute "introductory meeting" for Mediation, call 916-226-1305 or send our office an email today.

Areas We Serve

Based in Elk Grove, California, Shearer Law and Mediation serves clients in the Greater Sacramento area, including Placer and Amador Counties.