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Child Custody, Visitation And Support

Child Custody, Visitation And Support

At Shearer Law and Mediation APC, we provide skilled legal counsel and thoughtful guidance concerning child custody issues such as parent rights and responsibilities, relocations (move-away), creating and modifying parenting plans, establishing and modifying child support, and related issues. Our primary goal is to ensure that all decisions are based upon the best interest of the children, to reduce the negative impact of the process on your children, and to foster a spirit of compromise between the parents.

Attorney Lana M. Shearer knows first-hand how financially and emotionally draining a litigated case can be. The harsh reality in litigated cases involving children is that the parties will be forced to communicate with each other after the Judge has made a decision in their case and the animosity that arose during the heated custody dispute will remain long after the parties walk out the courtroom doors. That animosity can, and often does, negatively impact the parents' ability to effectively communicate with each other and co-parent their children for years to come.

Utilizing Mediation or Collaborative Law as a forum to resolve disputes regarding child custody and support serves to reduce the negative impact of the dispute on the entire family. If you are involved in a Litigated Case, Attorney Lana M. Shearer can meet with you and offer advice and assistance in navigating your child custody case. She is also available to offer ongoing consultation during each step of the Court process.

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